Children (Pre-K - 6th grade)

We believe that children are not only the future of the church, but very much a part of the life of Zion today.  Children are welcome at worship and will enjoy participating in Children’s Sermons.  We find that many of our young people enjoy sitting up front where they have a clear view of all the action, but there are pews set aside in the back of the sanctuary for families with small children if they prefer.

Sunday School runs throughout the school year for children ages 3 through 6th grade, from 9:45-10:45 Sunday mornings at the Christian Education Building.  Both children and adults start the morning off singing a few of our favorite songs and being introduced to our lesson for the day.  Zion uses a workshop rotational model for Sunday School. This means our students will rotate through classrooms such as Science, Art, Games, and Cooking for a few weeks hearing the same lesson but in a unique, hands-on way each week.

Our Nursery and Pre-K classrooms each learn about Jesus in a special way - through play!  Our teachers are dedicated to delivering a clear message that our youngest students can understand.

Children at Zion celebrate receiving their first bible in Kindergarten, First Communion in 4th grade, and Affirmation of Faith (Confirmation) in 8th grade.  7th and 8th graders are invited to participate in many of the Youth of Zion events.

A very special experience for our children is Vacation Bible School, which is a week of fun, learning and worship during the last week of June.  VBS runs for a half day in the morning, Monday through Friday.Zion loves all of our children, and we are sure that your children will love Zion!


Youth (7th-12th grade)

Our Youth of Zion has tons of fun when we gather.  We have our normal youth group get-togethers where we worship together, eat pizza, get closer as a group, and play games.  YOZ decorates Easter eggs every year and helps put on an Easter egg hunt for the younger kids as well.  We also host an annual pancake breakfast for the congregation to raise funds for our annual mission trip (last year was to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, this year is to Philadelphia to join youth from across the country in the project Serve Boldly”.  YOZ has also participated in the CROP Hunger Walk, a walk to raise money to end hunger around us and around the world.  
There’s something for everyone and we all do so much together that we feel like a family.  We are always planning more events and excursions and have a lot of new stuff in store.  So if you’re a teen in the Zion congregation, make sure to check out some of the many activities that YOZ has!




Zion member Bob Durham often tells the story of when he and his wife were new members of Zion, they were invited to a Dinner Group and the hosts told them that they met many of their best friends in the church.  Bob thought “Uh-oh”, but soon found that he was saying the same thing.  In addition to Dinner Groups, other adult-focused fellowship opportunities include the monthly Lunch Bunch and annual adult-only pool party.  The Women of Zion get together about once a month for a variety of activities including a very special weekend retreat each year, and the Men of Zion tackle manly projects like building a grilling station behind the Christian Education Building.



Are you beyond Confirmation, but still looking to learn and grow  spiritually?  Members of Zion are truly blessed by the teaching of Pastor May.  Between services Sunday morning, head down to the Christian Education Building, grab a bagel and coffee at Café Zion, and join in conversation led by Pastor May


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