Pastor’s Message – September 2018

Long ago, when my son was a little boy, he told me he couldn’t imagine ever getting married. How was that possible? He was too young for the birds and the bees lecture, but I wanted to give him as answer. What I told him was that getting married is unimaginable, but that, in time, God would make him ready. He didn’t have to worry. He took me at my word, as little people will do, and went on to his next question. Of course, what I told Scott came true. He got married and now has little people of his own who, I’m happy to say, are asking him the same questions he asked me.

I’ve often thought about the answer I gave my son so many years ago. The answer was simple, but it was not simplistic. I do believe that God gets you ready to face the surprises of life. There will be situations that you find unimaginable and you wonder what you will do and how you will cope. For me, the past three months have been one of those situations. Bonnie’s health crisis took us by surprise. To think, it all started in May with a stomach ache. Who would have expected what has happened since that time? It’s unimaginable. I would agree. Of course, people have asked me how Bonnie is doing (which is better, but still unfolding) and how I’m getting through. I find myself referencing what I told Scott. The situation is unimaginable, but God has made me ready.   I can take no credit. I could not have faced it alone. I have leaned on my faith and God has not let me down. God has been my strength, my comfort, and my hope. And on those rare occasions when I forget, God has placed amazing people, both family and friends, in my life to be a witness to the truth of God’s faithfulness. God makes you ready. And for that gift, I will be forever grateful.